The Metro Mayors Caucus and Metro Denver Homeless Initiative FLEX Fund provides flexible, one-time assistance to help people experiencing homelessness secure permanent housing and, in some cases, remain in housing. With more than $126,000 in 2019 contributions from the Metro Mayors Caucus, The Denver Foundation, and the private sector, the Flex Fund can continue to provide critical assistance to homeless and housing insecure individuals and families across the seven-county metro area.


The Flex Fund was created in June 2018 at the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative with funding from the Metro Mayors Caucus. In 2019, The Denver Foundation challenged metro area mayors to recommit to the fund by matching or exceeding a new grant totaling $50,000. In response, more than 30 mayors pledged nearly $70,000 and the Fund has attracted an additional $10,000 in private sector contributions.

The Flex Fund covers move-in costs like security or utility deposits and pro-rated rent as well as landlord mitigation. Nonprofit providers of housing and services for those experiencing homelessness can apply to the fund to assist residents across the region. Last year, the fund helped households in Aurora, Boulder, Commerce City, Castle Rock, Denver, Lakewood, and Thornton among others.

“Having a safe place to call home is foundational – it is essential to the success of our families, schools, communities, and our regional economy. But in our high-cost housing market, many of our coworkers, neighbors, and family members are at risk of homelessness,” said Wheat Ridge Mayor Bud Starker, who chairs the Metro Mayors Caucus committee on Housing, Hunger and Homelessness. “That’s why we created the Flex Fund at the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative. We’re grateful that these additional funds are available to address critical needs for more people.”

For more information, or to apply for FLEX Fund assistance, visit the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative.

FLEX Fund Contributors