The 38-member Caucus is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of a Chair and two Co-Vice Chairs and several at-large members. Each fall, a Nominating Committee made up of past Chairs and any Executive Committee members leaving office suggests a slate of candidates for the Executive Committee that will reflect the geographic, political and population diversity of the Caucus members. The Executive Committee slate is approved or modified by consensus of the members present at the annual retreat in January.


  • Jackie Millet, Chair, Lone Tree
  • Bud Starker, Vice-Chair, Wheat Ridge

At-Large Members

  • Marc Williams, Past-Chair, Arvada
  • Adam Paul, Past-Chair, Lakewood
  • Janifer Kulmann, Thornton
  • Linda Olson, Englewood
  • Sam Weaver, Boulder
  • Meredith Leighty, Northglenn


  • Charles Gilford for Michael Hancock, Denver
  • Luke Palmisano, for Mike Coffman, Aurora

Executive Committee Functions

  • Recommends policy positions for consideration and consensus
  • Sets meeting agendas
  • Represents Metro Mayors Caucus (MMC) at meetings and to visitors interested in the MMC model of regionalism
  • Presents MMC policies and positions
  • Conducts peer-to-peer engagement of new mayor members
  • Reviews MMC finances
  • Chairs task forces and ad-hoc committees
  • Serves as a Legislative Committee as needed
  • Identifies and secures sponsors for annual MMC events