The Metro Mayors Caucus is a voluntary collaboration of 40 mayors in the Denver metropolitan region. Mayors formed the Caucus in 1993 to provide a non-partisan vehicle for regional dialogue and cooperation on issues that transcend individual municipal boundaries.

Catherine Marinelli, Peter Kenney, and Meghan White - Staff the Metro Mayors Caucus

  1. Background
  2. Priorities
  3. Transportation
  4. Housing
  5. Government Relations
  6. Timelines


Initiated with the financial support of a few member municipalities, in 1995 and 1996 the Caucus received additional support through grants from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs had expressed an interest in expanding cooperation between local governments and enhancing local capacity to address public issues. In subsequent years, Caucus member municipalities have provided the funding through dues paid by each city based on their population.

Before the Caucus, the metro area lacked a non-competitive forum for dialogue to address a broad range of regional issues. Since 1993, the Caucus has provided a coordinated response to complex challenges such as drought, youth violence, transportation, growth management, affordable housing and homelessness, air quality, energy conservation, wellness, and hunger.