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The interrelated issues of growth and transportation have been primary areas of focus for the Metro Mayors Caucus since its inception in 1993. In the wake of failed legislative attempts to address growth statewide, the Caucus felt it was critical to build commitment and momentum for the implementation of the region’s Metro Vision 2020 growth and transportation plan. In 2000, Caucus members conceived of, and in partnership with DRCOG, drafted and executed the groundbreaking Mile High Compact. In August 2000, 31 cities and counties in the region comprising more that 79% of the metro area’s population executed the agreement. To date, 39 cities and counties (click here to download a map of signing jurisdictions) comprising more than 85% of the region's population has signed on to the Compact.

Metro Vision, developed by the Denver Regional Council of Governments, is the Denver region's plan for future growth and development and provides the core of the Mile High Compact. Metro Vision integrates traditionally separate plans for growth, development, transportation, and water quality management into a single, comprehensive guide for regional planning. The plan contains strategies for preserving our region's high quality of life while also positioning it to benefit from growth.  Metro Vision recognizes that community differences make our region interesting and vital and the plan preserves each community's right to make its own decisions within a larger framework of regional principles.

To learn more about the plan, visit the DRCOG website: http://www.drcog.org/index.cfm?page=MetroVision