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Intergovernmental Agreements
Intergovernmental Agreements — Memoranda of Understanding

The Metro Mayors Caucus' principal method of developing and communicating regional consensus on major issues is through execution of intergovernmental agreements and/or memoranda of agreement. These instruments are adopted not just by the mayor members of the Metro Mayors Caucus but also by the municipalities they represent. In this way they go beyond the position statements and resolutions of the Caucus to reflect commitments by the municipalities to uphold certain principles and implement certain  actions on a mutual, regional basis.

The Mile High Compact
Adopted in 2000, the Mile High Compact is unique in the country. It transforms the voluntary growth management regimen contained in the Denver Regional Council of Governments' Metro Vision regional development plan into an agreement among all the signatory local governments to act to ensure implementation of the elements and tenets of the regional plan.

The Water Compact
The Water Compact is a Memorandum of Understanding among the region's municipalities adopted in 2005 in response to the serious drought plaguing Colorado in the early years of that decade. The MOU recognizes that Colorado is a semi arid, high desert, and that as such our normal practices must emphasize conservation of this precious resource.

Energy Conservation MOU
In 2006 the Metro Mayors Caucus executed the Energy Conservation MOU because of the members understanding that energy efficiency and conservation were critical national and local priorities with implications for ongoing quality of life, economic health, and national security. The MOU reflects a commitment of municipalities in the Denver region to provide leadership in energy conservation in Colorado, including energy improvements in municipal operations, comprehensive public education, public private collaboration, and focused programs and policies targeting energy efficiency.

Metro Denver Health and Wellness MOU
In 2006 the Metro Mayors Caucus joined with the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and the Colorado Department of Health to create the Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission. The Commission was formed to increase public awareness of the importance of wellness to our region's quality of life and economic health. For three years the Commission provided leadership in setting health and wellness as a top priority for the metro area and the State of Colorado. The Commission's goal, to make Colorado the healthiest state in the country led to the identification of three main arenas for action on this critical issue: schools and early childhood, the workplace, and communities. The communities arena, and to a lesser extent, the workplace, was adopted by the region's municipalities as a place where they could have the greatest impact, as employers and as the designers and developers of active communities.